Thursday, March 10, 2011


Black A, White E, Red I, Green U, Blue O: vowels.
Someday I’ ll explain your bourgeoning births:
A, a corset,; black, hairy, buzzing with flies
Bumbling like bees around a merciless stench,

And shadowy gulfs,; E, white vapors and tents, proud
Glacial peaks, white kings, shivering Queen Anne’s lace;
I, purples, bloody spittle, lips’ lovely laughter
In anger or drunken contrition;

U, cycles, divine vibrations of viridian seas;
Peace of pastures sown with beasts, wrinkles
Stamped on studious brows as if by alchemy;

O, that last Trumpet, overflowing with strange discord,
Silences bridged by Worlds and Angels:
-       O the Omega, the violet beam from His Eyes!

Arthur Rimbaud

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